I love terminals and all the tools around them.

My daily use include a lot of this little programs that help you to improve your productivity.


I felt in love a couple of years ago with Taskwarrior, a little todo list cli app.

You can be ready to use it in 30 seconds, just install it with your favorite packaging app depending of your Linux distribution.

Here are a couple of commands to add, delete and modify a task :

 # we add a reading project with a tag +books and a text
 ~ % task add project:reading +books Permanent records

 ~ % task list
 ID Age D Project Tags                   Description                    Urg
  1 10s   reading books                  Permanent records              0

 # mark a task done
 ~ % task 1 done

 # delete a task
 ~ % task 2 delete

 # modify a task
 ~ % task modify 4


You can monitor a task when you begin to work on it with :

 ~ % task start 1
 ~ % task stop  1

Basically, on Debian, copy the hook script

 ~ % sudo apt install timewarrior
 ~ % cp /usr/share/doc/timewarrior/ext/on-modify.timewarrior ~/.task/hooks
 ~ % chmod +x ~/.task/hooks/on-modify.timewarrior

Then to test if the add-on is active you can run this command :

 ~ % task diagnostics

that should list you something like this :

      System: Enabled
   Location: /home/hyde/.task/hooks
      Active: on-modify.timewarrior (executable)

Whenever you start a task in Taskwarrior, the hook script will start time tracking in Timewarrior and will stop it if you stop your task.