2010 - 2019

A decade ends and a new one starts and with that comes some facts :

  • I'm not a robot and I can't remember everything I've done during all these years
  • Writing down will probably help me to revisit things I've done
  • I want to leave something that my daughter will eventually read one day

That's a reason why I started last month to keep a logbook inspired by Austin Kleon's articles.

It's not really a diary but really just a book where I write down little facts that happens every day divided this way : what / when / who. Hopefully, I will have 10 of these little books to be able to have a full review of the next decade. Appointment scheduled for the 1st january 2030.

For the past decade, I tried to figure out things that I've done and it took me some time to gather all the details. I'm lucky to have taken a lot of pictures that allows me to flick through all these years.


  • After 3 years abroad in London, where I met awesome guys, I did a U-turn and came back to Paris
  • Started to train again to my old boxing gym
  • New job at Orange as a GNU Linux sysadmin

2011 - 2012

Actually, I can't remember where I've been or what I've done these two years. I know there was a lot of :

Booze, booze and booze involved and maybe that's why I forgot what happened.

Luckely, I could go back through my Lightroom archives, here what I found out :

  • Bought Canon gear with some lenses
  • I bought a Fuji X100
  • I was partying … a lot !
  • Ofive party in Lille. A friend forgot he had the car keys of someone and had to get back to Lille the same morning just when he arrived in Paris. Was quite funny … for us 😂
  • Been to Toronto for two weeks
  • Niagara falls ❤
  • Bought a Fujifilm Xpro-1
  • Met @demisushi


I did quite a lot of things that year :

  • Spent a lot time and a couple of € at my friend's bar, the Barbershop
  • A lot of parties … again
  • Met @poupychka
  • 2013-04-14 22:18:22 nodistrict.com domain name was registered
  • A lot of meetings, chats, parties and good laugh around nodistrict.com
  • First time in Rome
  • Bought a Fujifilm X100S
  • Marseille for the PFC
  • Lyon for the LFC
  • Barcelona
  • London : Notting Hill carnaval
  • NYC
  • Pigalle basketball tournament
  • Met a wonderful girl


  • Discovered Oneplus phones and used them since then
  • Junior All-Star game in the 19th district of Paris
  • 1st Cannes festival and probably the last one. We had fun but not my kind of things
  • Went to the Quai54, the basketball tournament and hated it. It's more a show-off event than a basketball one
  • Been to Hong Kong and couldn't do a thing because of the watermelon size of my knee


  • Purchased a Canon Pixma Pro 10
  • Been to Vienna
  • Guadeloupe for the first time
  • Moved in with ❤


  • Bought a Xpro2
  • July : Serbia … last time I've seen my mom in person
  • Deauville with gf “basketball chikas”
  • Euro football cup 2016
  • Our daughter was born
  • 25th December, lost my mum … and actually can't remember the date of her funeral… 😢
  • Invested time and money in the hoopsfactory project
  • Poupychka brought me some gifts from Iran


  • Easter in Bretagne with cousins
  • First foods, words, steps and a lot of parenthood discovery
  • Sandrine and Fred wedding
  • Serbia and Greece (Kavana, Thassos and Thessaloniki)
  • Bought two Voigtlander lenses, a 35mm f1.4 and a 25mm f4. Love how they feel in the hand.
  • New year with family
  • First two pro fights of Souleymane Cissokho


  • Went to Bruxelles and Gent. Excellent little place for a weekend
  • 2nd trip to Guadeloupe
  • Left Galeries Lafayettea after 3 years where I used to work on the e-commerce website
  • Started a new job at Edelia as a devops
  • Aurore's wedding
  • Holidays in the South of France with some friends living in California
  • Zoo of Thoiry for the first time
  • Old friends meeting at our playground “championnet” for a basketball scrimmage and, as usual, we had a lot of fun
  • Fight in a bar during the World Cup almost got my finger broken when someone hit me with a chair.
  • 14th July parade
  • Six Park basketball tournament
  • Agricultural show in Paris with the kids
  • Started a first sunday monthly gathering between old friends. We try to find a new brunch every month.


  • Easter at the top of Montparnasse building with a nice overview of Paris
  • Fontainebleau horse championship when our daughter ride a horse bigger than me
  • Went for the 1st time to Disneyland Paris … and did it twice the same year
  • Mother-in-law bday with kids
  • Feline park where we had the chance to play with a litte white baby tiger and touch two baby panthers
  • The Paris Zoological Park with an old friend and our kids
  • Holidays at Palma de Majorque
  • Our daughter first day at school
  • Own instance of nextcloud, funkwhale, pixelfed and mastodon to host my own data and pictures
  • Started a logbook to write down little daily life things
  • Never broke any Oneplus phone and broke two this year
  • Started blogging again
  • Left booze behind me
  • Got a fuji xpro3 and I love that camera ❤
  • Started a new company


For the next year, I have a couple of things that I want to do :

  • Definetely travel more
  • Read more
  • Do more photography