About me

This website is a personal blog based on Hugo where I post articles on subjects that interest me. Mainly, it will be about FLOSS, photography, privacy and freedom.

Who am I

Born a long long time ago, I discovered Linux and especially Debian in 1996. Fall in love instantly and I've been using it since then. I stopped using BIll Gates’ operating systems since 2000.

I spend a lot of time in terminals, I'm a big fan of tiling window managers and even if I used ion3 and dwm, I got back to awesomewm. I just like the way it is.

As a GNU Linux user for more than 20 years I can say that I'm fluent in various shells and GNU/Linux distributions.

I switched approximately one year ago (september 2018) to Dvorak and I'm getting better everyday using it.


I used to have a french website named Debianworld and I was involved in a couple of projects :



I used to maintain for Debian some perl modules and a steganography tool, Hydan but it's not the case anymore.


I used to have Facebook and Instagram accounts but that period is behind me.

But still you can find me on these social networks :