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Louis C.K.

Back in 2013 was the year when I first time heard about him and I didn't have a clue who he was or what he was doing. I checked online and found out what kind of stand-up comedian Louis C.K was. I really enjoyed his performances because he's the type of guy that says things that you should'nt say and that's exactly what make laugh everyone around you. He had some really raw jokes about masturbation, jerking off, gays, kids and a lot of other subjects that make them hilarious.

But two years ago everything went wrong when he got involved in a scandal where showing your dick and masturbing in front of women became something normal for him. Being a celebrity can really screw you hardly… and that's exactly what happened to him. He moved from a bankable to a “cancel everything where he was involved” status.

Even if it's not the same level as Bill Cosby, a guy that I used to love too when I was kid, I found people with that behaviour really disturbing. Probably even more because I'm now a father and I would do anything to protect my daughter against predators like them but I know it's not always possible. But what should we do we with pervs like CK, Cosby, Woody Allen, Polanski or Epstein? Well for the last one, I guess the issue has been solved. 😅 It feels really disconcerting that people can get out of troubles because of their social rank. I still can't understand that Polanski can walk freely. But I guess in 2019, the world is stil a dangerous place for every women around the planet.

The worst part is that CK looks like he doesn't regret anything or feel sorry. That's just the way he is I guess.

Last week, I stumbled upon an article about him in the New York Times and did a little newspaper blackout. And here what came out of this 😂

blackout louis ck

"Louis C.K.‘s god talks to 72 virgins at the end of each show"

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Newspaper Blackout China

I stumbled upon Austin Kleon website and found quite interesting how creative you can be just using a marker and some newspaper. I'll post from time to time that kind of things :)

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