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I discovered Lichess one night coming back home late. I saw some guys playing chess on the pavement. After a quick chat with them they told me about Lichess and gave me their nicknames. The next morning the app was installed on my brand new Oneplus 6 back at that time.

Since then I played 3451 games and 3201 rated games. I lost 1655 ones and won 1688. A lot of losts on 2 and 3 minutes blitz games where I need to play and make decision quicker.

You can check the app and the website which is quite elegant and pleasant to use.

There are other things that I like about Lichess.

First of all, it's an opensource chess server and I love more or less everything that is under that licence.

Secondly, you have a lot of people from everywhere on that network. Se you can basically play at anytime you want.

Finally, a lot of game types are available: rated, live, correspondant, etc…

An other good point about Lichess is the possibilty to keeps notes of your games that you can share, take notes of your opponents, analyze your games or get the app analyze the best moves you should have done and even see how many hours/days you've spent playing. Talking about that, I discovered something interesting.

Time spent playing these 3451 games : 13 days !

That appears a lot to me but talking with a colleague the other day about gaming it's actually not. He has spent more than 250 hours or around ten days on the Switch version of Zelda and he doesn't really know how much he spent on other games.

So after all, my couple of days don't look so bad but since my goal is not to become the next Gary Kasparov I should really do something else on my work journey.

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