Vim weekly tips - 2

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With the COVID-19 rise during last week and different government announcements, I was quie busy organizing my personal life and work. But here we are and her come some the weekly tips !

I'm a big fan of zsh and on my own servers I use it exclusively instead of bash. The first tip this week is one that will remind you a zsh behaviour.

zsh completion style menu

If you're a zsh user, you are probably familiar with the completion menu style that displays all suggestions as soon as you hit the TAB key.

  05:15:06 ~/terraform-skel [master] % ls [tab]


Did you know that you can have the same kind of behaviour in vim.

How ?

Just add these two lines in your .vimrc :

    set wildmenu
    set wildmenu=full

Now if you type an :Ex Command, you should be able to scroll through all of the suggestions that vim finds for you.

Save a file as root

Everybody once in a while opened a file in /etc to change a quick conf and got stucked because he opened it with a regular user and not as root. In that case, here what you can do instead of quitting your session and changes and opening it again as root or sudoing it :

  :w !sudo tee % >/dev/null
  (O)k, (L)oad File, Load (A)ll, (I)gnore All:

Neaaaat !

Command line window

Last little tip of this week is about the command line window.

A useful way te execute again a command is to use the command line window.

In command mode, just press q: and you will see a pop window at the bottom of your screen that gets the focus. Basically, that windows helps you to go through the last :Ex commands you typed and executes them by hitting [Enter].

  :    6 q!
  :    5 read content/
  :    3 w
  :    2 q
  :    1 w 

As any buffer in Vim, you can change one of your last command and hit [Enter] key to get it executed. Just try it !

Voila ! That's all for this week 😉

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