My top 50 of 2019

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  1. Intermittent fasting for a year and four months.
  2. Left Instagram.
  3. Managed to finish that Openshift installation.
  4. Hosting my own instances of Pixelfed and Mastodon.
  5. Started blogging again here.
  6. Le ruisseau and their burgers.
  7. Started a logbook based on Austin Kleon logbook
  8. Grande Gallerie de l'Evolution.
  9. Keeping a a list of books that I've read this year.
  10. We bought a juice extractor.
  11. Seen my loved ones getting out of hospital safe.
  12. Weekend in Belgium with friends and kids.
  13. Birth of a new nephew.
  14. We bought a big bed for our child. It's actually the size of many grown up people.
  15. Disneyland, not really my thing but enjoyed the fact that my daughter loved it.
  16. Holidays in Palma de Majorque.
  17. Riding a pedal car with family. A lot of fun.
  18. First day at school for my kid.
  19. We kept our first sunday monthly gathering with my old friends.
  20. Bought an Insta Fuji for the school.
  21. My daughter loved the pine tree I brought for Xmas.
  22. Got a Fujifilm Xpro 3. And God I love that camera!
  23. AWS summit was interesting and I met a lot of old colleagues.
  24. Got a nice Avengers mug that all my colleagues want.
  25. Bought an iPhone to my woman to replace her broken one.
  26. Our daughter 3rd birthday at home with her new shiny bicycle.
  27. Our little trip to Honfleur.
  28. My daughter and her love for ponies.
  29. 100 pushups challenge. I was happy doing around 245 pushups in 13-14 minutes.
  30. Bought a Oneplus 7 Pro.
  31. Bought a second one because I broke the other one.
  32. XMas children day at work.
  33. First haircut at the hairdresser for my daughter.
  34. Frozen II with the family and little cousins.
  35. Boxing training.
  36. Finally started a side company for IT freelances.
  37. Discovered the @BearHybrid twitter account, a canadian artist that draws a lot of bears.
  38. Improved my typing using dvorak keyboard layout.
  39. Had the luck to see and touch a baby tiger and jaguar.
  40. Visited the parisian zoo with Payo and his son.
  41. The face of my daughter at the end of Lion King, the musical comedy, when she said “Where is the Simbaaaa ?, I want to watch the Lion Kinnnng”
  42. A mexican restaurant where I used to go with two ex-colleagues, friends now, where we met again for a nice dinner.
  43. A new CLI tool to toot from my terminal.
  44. Installed /e/ on my phone to remplace OxygenOs.
  45. A funkwhale instance so I can drop Spotify.
  46. Some movies that I wanted to wacth for a while : Moneyball, Black Mass, Django Unchained.
  47. Ethical Design Manifesto by Aral Balkan
  48. Hertzner, a german hosting and provider.
  49. Wifey bought me two pairs of Asics that I love.
  50. Poker games with friends.

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