Goodbye Writefreely Hello Hugo

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Finally, I ditched Writefreely, the fediverse blogging framework in favor of Hugo.

why ?

I love terminals and vim like … a lot !

I wanted something where I could use my beloved editor to write a post in Markdown, commit it and that could be automatically posted using a post-commit.

Ideally, I wanted a thing that involves the fediverse to be able to get comments directly from Mastodon or Pleroma.

I had two options Writefreely or Plume. I haven't tested the second one.

Writefreely offers you the choice between a single or multi users instance and in that case, mariaDB is recommended. For a single user instance, SQLite should be good enough.

About the Fediverse, YES, it's there but the software doesn't give me a complete satisfaction and I want more than just a “web pad”. Things that I miss :

  • there is almost no theme.
  • you can't really customize it without spending time on it.
  • you don't have any tags to categorize your posts.

Because of all this, I went to Hugo because there is no database to manage and you upload only static files. Everything is done on your workstation and you just need to be able to run a binary to start to write.

The second thing is the number of themes available that you can hack to fit your needs. There is near 200 themes on their website.

The only bad thing is that the fediverse is not really embeeded but someone on Mastodon pointed me a link to Squs, a project to add fediverse comments on a static website.

This will be my next step 😉

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Hello world, Hello Writefreely

Welcome to this little blog where I will mainly write about opensource, privacy, photography and other things I like. This website is powered by writefreely, a federated platform to be able to interact with the fediverse. Stay tuned for more content :)

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