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Violence in Brazil

6220 ! That's the number of people killed last year or approximatively 17 persons each day. That's just insane! Obviously, gangs and drugs trafficking are present everywhere in Brazil or more generally in South America. And of course, these death squad killings are done presumably to help citizens but the main issue is that there is no arrest warrant of any kind.

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Louis CK

Back in 2013 was the year when I first time heard about him and I didn't have a clue who he was or what he was doing. I checked online and found out what kind of stand-up comedian Louis C.K was. I really enjoyed his performances because he's the type of guy that says things that you should'nt say and that's exactly what make laugh everyone around you.

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Newspaper Blackout China

I stumbled upon Austin Kleon website and found quite interesting how creative you can be just using a marker and some newspaper. I'll post from time to time that kind of things :)

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