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Vim weekly tips - 2

With the COVID-19 rise during last week and different government announcements, I was quie busy organizing my personal life and work. But here we are and her come some the weekly tips ! I'm a big fan of zsh and on my own servers I use it exclusively instead of bash. The first tip this week is one that will remind you a zsh behaviour.
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Vim weekly tips

Vim weekly tips is a series of small articles that I intend to write every week to share tips about my favorite editor : Vim I want to start this collection by showing you one feature that a lot of people don't know about. In Vim, you can use the large panel of external commands available in the *nix ecosystem inside your terminal.
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Vim, the only editor I use.

People around me know that I love to spend time in terminals. For them, I am probably a nerd that do a lot of obscure stuff in these little black windows. A lot of friends that look at my screen have the same reaction : Your computer doesn't work What the hell are you doing ? Can't you just have a normal laptop Since I'm using awesome as a window manager it keeps them even more dubious about how I'm using a computer.