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Bypass firewall rules

At work, they changed a firewall and added a rule to block Youtube. I'm fine with that but some colleagues are quite annoyed by that change. They really want to watch tutorials or kitten on Youtube. What I like about ssh is how it helps you to bypass a lot of things 😉 What a lot of people don't know about ssh is that it include a SOCKS proxy out of the box that you need to configure in your browser to bypass a restriction.
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Firefox tips and tweaks

Firefox can be tweaked in many ways to adapt its behaviour to fit your needs ere are some Firefox tweaks I did to improve my daily browser experience. copy/paste I hate websites that block the password copy/paste or even some of them block the email confirmation. A lot of people, or at least some people, use passwords vaults to be able to copy/paste their 64+ characters passwords without having to type them.
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Imagemagick - a swiss army knife for manipulating images

There is a CLI tool I use often to manipulate images, its name is Imagemagick. You can install it with any package management system you have depending of your OS. Imagemagick is also used in a lot of libraries to render images for various purposes. Here is a list of commands I use quite often when I need to edit some images.